Effective inventory management is important for all businesses that sell, distribute or use materials or products.

Benefits of effective inventory management

Here are some of the potential benefits of good inventory management.

Keep on top of stock

Too much stock and you’ll waste space and/or face unnecessarily high storage costs, complicate the retrieval process and increase the risk of items spoiling or losing value before you can move them.

Too little stock and you won’t be able to meet demand.

Effective inventory management is about getting the balance just right.

Forecast effectively

Tracking inventory over time can help businesses determine which goods will be in demand when, as well as how long it will take to replenish and sell stock. In turn, businesses can capitalise on forecasted market trends and customer demand.

Improve efficiency

Maintaining accurate inventory levels can improve efficiency in several areas of a business. For example, it can lead to faster, better informed purchasing decisions and more efficient processing and shipment of customer orders.

Free up funds

An important consideration for any small to medium business is its cash flow. Unfortunately, inventory is expensive to acquire – and until an item is used for manufacture or sold, that money is tied up in assets.

By aligning inventory purchases with real demand, good inventory management can help solve cash flow problems.

Reduce warehousing costs

Managing inventory smartly can help businesses optimise use of their existing storage space and minimise warehousing costs.

Keep your customers happy

Effective inventory management helps ensure a business can satisfy demand at any time, preventing delays and leading to happier customers.

How a courier and logistics partner can help

A suitably experienced logistics provider can collaborate with your company, assessing its inventory management, distribution and delivery needs and identifying the best, most affordable options for meeting those needs.

It can draw on relationships with a large network of transportation providers, make use of extensive warehousing facilities and pass on savings realised due to economies of scale.

Also, logistics providers rely on staying abreast of technological advances to remain competitive. This means that without investing in specialised software themselves, customers can track deliveries in real time, potentially gaining much better visibility into their supply chain, distribution and inventory management systems.

What we offer at Hann Freight (Pty) Ltd

Hann Freight (PTY) Ltd has over 25 years of experience and is one of South Africa’s leading providers of courier and logistics solutions.

We offer the following services:

  • reliable, cost-effective domestic and international courier services and, for heavier or bulk deliveries, affordable road, air and sea freight
  • freight forwarding, with the option of using your company’s own file references and bill lading number
  • affordable warehousing in secure facilities across South Africa
  • a pick and pack service, for ensuring expert packaging and fast turnaround times on orders
  • real-time tracking of shipments.

Contact us online or call us on 011 750 4996 to discuss your inventory management and logistics needs and we’ll be pleased to assist.


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